Approved Exam Proctor Lists

Exam Proctor Requirements

The BJCP requires a minimum of two proctors per judging exam. A maximum of three proctors can be used, but the exam administrator cannot be used as a proctor if the administrator is also the person who selected and prepared the exam beverages.

Graders of tasting exams require high-quality proctor scoresheets to complete their task. To ensure this, exam proctors must come from pre-approved proctor lists for each exam type:

If the administrator for an exam site is not able to obtain proctors from these lists, they MUST contact the Exam Director at least two weeks prior to the exam to get approval to use alternative proctors. In special cases, such as when the exam is in a remote location or there are a large number of examinees, the Exam Director may grant travel stipends for experienced proctors per the Exam Proctor Reimbursement Policy.

The Exam Director can grant waivers from the proctor rules, but such exceptions are rare. The use of a beer judging exam proctor with less than National rank, including the use of judges with minimum tasting score of 80 and more than 10 judging experience points, requires pre-approval by the Exam Director. We further desire that at least one proctor be a Master judge (or higher) or a judge with a minimum tasting score of 90 and with at least 20 judging experience points.