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The BJCP began as an organization based in the United States serving the English-speaking North America population, but now has a presence in over forty countries. This section of pages is a reference for judges outside the United States to access non-English translations of BJCP materials, and for countries with local BJCP chapters to share country-specific information and resources. 

In 2019, the BJCP Board voted to add three new international regions: Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA). These regions were created from the previous Northeast region that contained all international judges except western Canada. Canada will remain split between the North and Northeast regions.

If you would like to form a local chapter of the BJCP in your country, please contact the appropriate BJCP Representative for your region among the contacts listed below. You may also contact a representative if you wish to be the local BJCP point of contact for judges and prospective judges in your country. We ask that you have a reasonable understanding of English and good knowledge of the BJCP to take on this job.

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Information in this area has been divided into two main groups: information about judge groups in each country, and language-specific translated materials. 

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