When will my exam results be posted?

Online Entrance Exam: You receive the pass/fail result of the online entrance exam immediately after submitting the exam. You will not receive a score for the online entrance exam, and this exam will not be shown on your BJCP judge record. You may retake the online entrance exam once per 24 hour period. 

Judging and Written Exams: Judging and Written exam results may take anywhere from 2-6 months to receive after taking the exam. Many exam sets complete the grading process in 3-4 months, but unfortunately, some exams may take longer to grade, especially exams that require translation. The exam grading process is complex and involves initial grading by two national or higher ranked judges, a review by an Associate Exam Director, and a final review by an Exam Director. Grading turnaround times can be impacted due to delays in exam administrators sending us the exam files, translations, and general “life” delays due to the fact that our graders and exam staff are volunteers. Your patience is appreciated!

If you have not received your exam score in six months, you can ask your exam administrator to ask their Exam Director assigned to the exam for a status update. Please use the exam administrator as the single point of contact with BJCP exam staff so we are not inundated with questions about exam status (which would only serve to slow us down ever more!). 

You will receive an email with your exam results when they are ready, so be sure the BJCP has your correct email on file. You will be able to log into your BJCP judge account via our website to access your exam scans and your “report to participant” (aka “RTP”), which includes your exam score and feedback from the grading team.