Judge Training and Study Programs

These course outlines are provided by the Education & Training Directorate as a guide for those who would like to conduct BJCP training programs as well as those preparing for BJCP exams. The hope is that:

  • Existing judges can use this as an opportunity to reinforce and expand on what they have previously studied to date. They will also hopefully gain additional knowledge as they prepare in advance for the courses they will be conducting.
  • Aspiring judges who do not have access to a training program will have a guide to aid in their self study, and after they have become BJCP Members, use it as a starting point to help other local aspiring judges.

These outlines are intended to serve as a starting point and are based off of best practices realized to the date of their publication. It is recommended that the outlines be reviewed prior to use and adjusted taking into consideration seasonal, location, scheduling, etc. constraints.   

Beer Judge Training & Study Program

Mead Judge Training & Study Program

Cider Judge Training & Study Program