Exam Proctor Reimbursement Policy

The BJCP encourages exams be given in under-represented areas and in new countries. The BJCP also strongly encourages high-ranking proctors be used on BJCP exams. These goals can be hard to meet simultaneously without involving travel for proctors. In order to meet these goals, the BJCP allows for expense reimbursement for proctors. The following rules and guidelines provide direction, limits, and escalation points for reimbursement.

Proctor travel should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If suitable local proctors are available, travel reimbursement should not be necessary. Proctors should not assume they will get travel reimbursement; the request must still be approved in advance. Proctors must make reimbursement requests through the local exam administrator.

Local exam administrators should first use the exam holdback to subsidize travel. The BJCP allocates a percentage of exam fees for administrator expenses (see Exam Administration Guide). Administrators are encouraged to provide travel stipends to out-of-town proctors from these fees. Local exam administrators have the authority to offer stipends to proctors from these fees without any BJCP approval.

If significant travel expenses are required (such as overseas air fare), local administrators should first see if sponsorship can be obtained. Often there are beer events held at the same time and location as a BJCP exam. If a proctor could perform multiple tasks while visiting, sponsorship fees should be used if possible. Similarly, a sponsoring organization (e.g., homebrew club) or the examinees themselves may wish to directly sponsor the travel expenses. Local exam administrators have the authority to arrange external funding directly without any BJCP approval.

If all other reasonable avenues have been exhausted, the local exam administrators may request a BJCP subsidy for the travel. This request must be made to the appropriate BJCP Exam Director in advance of the exam. BJCP Exam Directors have the authority to approve travel stipends per proctor of up to US$500 or the current maximum grant award (see Grant Policy), whichever is greater. The responsible BJCP Exam Director should coordinate with the BJCP Treasurer and President in advance.

If a larger travel subsidy is required than the amount the BJCP Exam Directors can approve using their own authority, a funding motion must be made to the full BJCP Board by the Exam Director responsible for that exam or by the managing Exam Director.

Criteria for approving travel expenses are subjective, but must be based on sound fiduciary principles. Proctors should meet the qualifications established by the Exam Directorate. Examples of qualifications are: judge rank (highest-ranked judges available should be used), grading (active graders should receive preference), experience in exam proctoring, and the ability to provide instruction and training to examinees and exam administrators. The exam site should be considered (is it in a new country or remote area?). The total cost should be considered, but Exam Directors should use their discretion when expanding into new areas. 

Expense reimbursements should be based on reasonable and actual amounts. The subsidy should be applied towards actual travel expenses in getting the proctor to the event. Local contributions should be considered (e.g., are lodging, meals, and local transportation covered by locals?). Reimbursements should not exceed expenses, or cover the time commitment; the reimbursement cannot be seen as a salary expense. Partial reimbursements (subsidies) can be approved.

The reimbursement procedure can be established by the Exam Directorate and the Finance Directorate. The initial procedure is for the person incurring the expenses (exam administrator or proctor) to submit actual receipts to the Exam Director assigned to the exam, along with the postal address and phone number for US-based proctors or a PayPal-enabled email address for proctors living outside the US. The responsible Exam Director will then submit the reimbursement request to the BJCP Treasurer.

This policy is for exam proctor expenses. Subsidies for exam administrators are not covered by this policy. This policy also applies to exam-related expenses, such as translation fees for non-English exams.

Adopted January 2014, Amended June 2018