Board Actions

Don Blake as Managing Exam Director

Vote Date: September 15, 2021Vote Tally: 10-0

After Sarah Bridegroom announced her intent to resign, BJCP President Dennis Mitchell motioned to appoint Don Blake as the new Managing Exam Director. Motion passed 10-0. 


Gordon Strong as President Emeritus

Vote Date: June 11, 2021Vote Tally: 10-0

Dennis Mitchell motioned to grant former President Gordon Strong the title of President Emeritus, per the proposal below. Motion passed 10-0.  BJCP President Emeritus Definition President Emeritus status is often […]


BJCP Budget Approval

Vote Date: June 10, 2021Vote Tally: 10-0

Sandy Cockerham, Treasurer, motioned to approve the 2021 BJCP Budget. Motion passed 10-0. 


Kristen England as Education Director

Vote Date: June 10, 2021Vote Tally: 7-3

Dennis Mitchell motioned to appoint Kristen England as Education Director, replacing Bruce Buerger, who was appointed as IT Director. Motion passed 7-3.