All the exams are full; what do I do?

Be patient; finding an exam seat can take time and effort. BJCP exams are quite popular and are often fully booked months in advance through the local exam administrator. If the exam you are interested in is full, ask the local exam administrator if you can be put on the waitlist. Exams frequently have cancellations, some at the last minute. So be prepared to take an exam and wait for a message from the administrator, or check back with them a week before the exam to see if any seats have opened up. Often, you may need to travel outside your immediate area to secure an exam seat. 

Another option are the BJCP-run exams at every AHA National Homebrew Conference. If you are planning to attend this event, you can sign up for any of the BJCP exams given.

If you don’t see any exams in your area (including travel to neighboring states), contact your regional representative to inquire if they know of any forthcoming exams in planning. 

If you have a group of people in your area committed to taking exam, through a homebrew club for example, consider finding a national or higher ranked judge who may be willing to serve as an exam administrator for your local group. Remember, though, that six examinees is the minimum (12 is usually the max) and the first avaialble month to schedule a new exam may be months or over a year away. Your regional rep may have ideas on potential exam administrators who can help if there is enough interest in a local area.