Point Award Outline

You must be a BJCP member at the time of the course or event to receive points. For this purpose, membership is determined by the date you took the BJCP exam.

ETD Course Point Schedule

  • NO retroactive points will be allowed.
  • Organizers MAY NOT earn attendee points but MAY earn presenter points.
  • A co-organizer may be chosen and will split the organizer points equally.
  • Presenters MAY earn both presenter and attendee points in same day but NOT for same session.
  • Organizers may choose staff to help; however, the number of staff members should be in proportion to the number of course participants.
Position Point Award Program Limitations
Organizer 0.5 to 2 points per day Up to 6.0 points maximum
Co-organizer *splits points with organizer Up to 3.0 points maximum
Presenter 0.5 point per session Up to 3.0 points maximum
Attendee 0.5 point per session Up to 3.0 points maximum
Staff 0.5 point per day 1.0 point maximum