• The BJCP Mead Judge Program

  • Authorization

    The BJCP Board approved a wide-ranging proposal in March 2006 to incorporate Mead and Cider fully into the BJCP's programs. This proposal created the Mead and Cider Committee and directed the creation of a Mead Judge Exam and all related materials.

  • Scope

    • The BJCP mission and program goals include mead and cider, in addition to beer.
    • The existing BJCP beer exam is not affected by this effort.
    • The existing BJCP style guidelines are not affected by this effort.
    • The Mead Exam and the Cider Exam are separate entities. Mead and cider will not be tested together on a single exam. Study and reference materials for Mead will be developed and maintained separately from those materials for Cider.

  • Mead Exam Details

    • There is no pre-requisite for taking the Mead Exam. The exam is open to BJCP judges and those not in the BJCP.
    • Mead Exams will be graded and scored with separate written and tasting sections.
    • The passing grade for the Mead Exam is 60.
    • Anyone who passes the Mead Exam will receive a pin and certificate.
    • Mead Exams will not count towards program (rank) advancement. An existing BJCP judge may not advance in rank based on the score received on the Mead Exam. Non-BJCP members passing the Mead Exam may not advance in rank without taking the BJCP Beer Exam.
    • The fee for the exam is US$50 for first-time takers of any BJCP exam and US$30 for existing BJCP members.

  • The Mead Judge Rank

    To support the Mead Exam program, a new Mead Judge designation was created. This designation is treated differently depending on whether or not the person passing the Mead Exam was already a member of the BJCP. For existing BJCP judges, the designation is called an endorsement. For those who have not taken the BJCP beer exam, the designation will be the judge's rank. The Mead Judge rank differs from the Beer Judge ranks (Apprentice through Grand Master) in that there is only one level of Mead Judge rank – no advancement is possible without taking the BJCP Beer Exam.

    • The criteria for the Mead Judge designation is simply to pass the Mead Exam. No experience points are required.
    • All who pass the Mead Exam may check the Mead Judge checkbox on the BJCP Mead Scoresheet.
    • Existing BJCP judges passing a Mead Exam will get an endorsement on their judging record. They continue to hold their current BJCP rank.
    • Existing BJCP judges passing the Mead Exam should check the appropriate BJCP Rank checkbox on the BJCP Mead Scoresheet in addition to the Mead Judge checkbox.
    • Existing BJCP judges who pass the Mead Exam will receive CEP credit. The points awarded will be based on the overall score (0.5/1/1.5/2 points for a score of 60/70/80/90). Judges may receive the CEP credit once for each type of exam (mead or cider). Judges retaking the Mead Exam will be given CEP credit based on their highest score.
    • Non-BJCP members passing a Mead Exam will become active BJCP judges and get a BJCP ID assigned.
    • Non-BJCP members passing a Mead Exam will get the Mead Judge rank.

  • Changes to BJCP Materials

    Integrating new types of exams into the BJCP required changes to many program forms, documents and systems. Following are some important changes:

    • All scoresheets have been revised to include the new ranks.
    • Mead and Cider pins have been purchased, and have a design similar to the Recognized and Certified pins.
    • New certificates have been created for Mead Judge and Cider Judge.
    • The BJCP Database has been revised to include the new ranks, certificates and exam types.

  • Exam Implementation

    The Mead Exam Format is seven questions in a two-hour session followed by judging three meads in a 45 minute session. The time allowed in the written and tasting sections will not be combined.

    The Mead exam is jointly sponsored with the Mead Makers International (formerly the International Mead Association). Members of the MMI helped with the exam questions and study materials.