What is the significance of my BJCP number?

Every member of the BJCP is assigned an identification number, in order to keep track of your experience points in our database. Generally, your number is assigned when you take the BJCP exam for the first time, and remains with you forever. The first letter of the number indicates the BJCP region of the state where you lived when you took your first exam, and does not change even if you move permanently to a different region. The remaining digits of the number are assigned sequentially within each region, and don’t really mean anything, except that a lower number probably means you took took the exam before someone with a higher number.

The current assignment of letters to regions is:

  • A North
  • B Mid-Atlantic
  • C Midwest
  • D Mountain/Northwest
  • E Northeast
  • F South
  • G West

If something doesn’t seem right about that list, it’s because the regions have been realigned since they were originally established. So you might have lived in a state that is currently in a region with a different letter, because your state was in a different region at the time. Confused? Don’t worry about it. As stated above, it’s not used for anything, and since people are always moving anyway, it will never be used for anything except to identify you. Think of it as having as much meaning as the numbers/letters on the average automobile license plate.