Competition Registration Refund Policy

The BJCP will only refund the registration fee if the competition will not be held due to legal prohibition, venue revocation, sponsorship withdrawal, or acts of God such as weather emergencies. The BJCP does not provide refunds for competitions not held because of insufficient entries or judges, lack of organizational participation or other reasons. A request to cancel the competition and a request for refund along with justification must be made to the BJCP Competition Director in writing prior to the listed competition date. Retroactive cancellations are not eligible for refunds.

Competition organizers may request a postponement of the competition by contacting the Competition Director prior to the listed competition date to request a date change rather than a cancellation.

Abuse of this policy through repeated or excessive cancellations may result in refunds being denied, partial refunds being offered to offset transaction costs, or denial of future competition registrations at the discretion of the Competition Director, Treasurer, and President.

Adopted April 2014, amended March 2015