BJCP Board Meeting 4.3.22

Meeting 4/3/2022 12 pm EDT on Zoom.
In attendance:

Omer Basha
Michael Bury
Al Boyce
Sandy Cockerham
Brian Cooper
Dave Houseman
Brian Joas
Andrew Luberto
Dennis Mitchell
Sal Mortillaro
Fred Mullner
Diego Setti

Conversation with new AHA Director Julia Herz (20 minutes)
Julia Herz, new AHA director, wants to start a new era and relationship between the BJCP and AHA. Julia explained how she has been very active in her new role and meeting multiple people in the BJCP. She explained that she sees opportunities for the two organizations to work together.
Julia acknowledged there have been some issues in the past and wants no tension or contention between the BJCP and AHAShe also floated the idea of having regular meetings 1-2 times a year.
Discussion about establishing a BJCP liaison position between us and the AHA.
A discussion about reaching out to more international groups was had with Sandy, Julia, and Diego.
Election schedule
The election timetable was published on the website.
Currently there is no set time table in the bylaws for elections which has created issues. Dennis wants to create a defined schedule for enough time for a possible transition. (At least a month)
Defining what transition should entail was also mentioned.
The Comms team would handle looking at the bylaws and make recommendations.

NHC/HBC schedule
Kris England is working on the schedule and coordinating events.
There were increased difficultes scheduling our usual events since NHC judging is now multiple days, however, all traditional BJCP activities will still be held.

Board secretary pilot
Andrew will pilot being BJCP secretary for a few meetings to see if we want to create it as a position.

Website update
There was a revision of the FAQs by Andrew and Brian C. James Golovich from IT created a filter by topic for the FAQs on the website.
Dennis is getting bids for a minor website refresh with a more mobile friendly modern design.
Contract is in place with Gordon Strong to maintain the legacy database for the next 6 months
Goal for website refresh is next 6 months.
Dennis reiterated the goal of more automation in the database for the directorates and less manual data entry.

Document Committee (to review current scoresheets, forms, documents and recommend updates if needed)
Mike Bury and Sandy were asked to chair a committee to go over all current BJCP documents and suggest revisions.
Inclusion of the many knowledgeable people in the organization for feedback was discussed.

Exam Committee (to review exam processes, structure, and practices and recommend updates if needed)
Brian Joas and Don Blake will co-chair a committee to modernize the exam process.
There was agreement to solicit member feedback, perhaps via a forum, and that all changes need to be fully vetted.
Andrew and Fred offered their expertise to help on the committee.
A charter for this committee will be presented to the board.

Consideration of honorary master/GM candidates and process
Dennis nominated a member from his region to be awarded honorary master rank.
Clarification was given on honorary master vs. honorary GM.
There was discussion about the ability to go from honorary master to actual grandmaster. The drawbacks and benefits of allowing this were discussed by the board.
Dennis was in favor of having people move from honorary master to the title of honorary grandmaster if they have met the requirements for GM.
Brian Cooper volunteered to rewrite the language describing both these ranks and their prospective rank advancements.
It was agreed to have an annual review process for the award held by the board.
Sal nominated a member from his region for honorary master and went through his resume. A vote will be sent out post meeting.

Full staff meetings (Andrew)
Andrew talked about more full organization communication.
Dennis wanted to use Slack for the function of communication across staff to make up for the loss of the Yahoo Group.
Board meeting minutes will now be posted on Slack for full staff commentary to initiate feedback and discussion.
Dennis will follow up with IT about adding all staff to Slack.

Excess BJCP Funds (Andrew)
Tabled for next meeting.

Open discussion
Andrew asked for a slack channel for NE Rep team, Dennis agreed pending discussion with James (see above)
Mike Bury talked about the need for more ADs. Dennis and Don Blake are aware and actively looking for people.
A brief discussion of the move to Slack. Brian J expressed dislike of the platform.
Meeting adjourned @ 1:49 pm EDT