Introduction to the 2021 Guidelines

Overview The 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines are a minor revision to the 2015 edition, itself a major update of the 2008 edition. The goals of the 2015 edition were to […]

Introduction to the 2015 Guidelines

Overview The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines are a major revision from the 2008 edition. The goals of the new edition are to better address world beer styles as found in […]

BJCP Scoresheet Guide

Objective The BJCP Scoresheet Guide is a rubric for BJCP Judging Exam graders and a training tool for current and aspiring judges. While originally developed for the BJCP Beer Judging […]

Exam Grading

Exam Grader Resources Any BJCP judge of National or higher rank is eligible to become an exam grader. To volunteer send an email to the Exam Directors with your name and […]

Style Entry Suggestions

Have you ever had the question, where do I enter my beer in competition? It’s easy if you are brewing a style listed in the BJCP Style Guidelines, but what […]