What if I want to reformat the guidelines or use them a different way?

Sure, go ahead. Members have in the past translated our Guidelines into several other file formats (and even other languages). Just let us know if you come up with something that seems useful. We may want to post it on our website so others may use it. Since the BJCP holds the Copyright on the Style Guidelines, we also will hold Copyright on any derivative works. You may not sell or post online reformatted versions of the Style Guidelines. If we post your version of the Guidelines, we will give you credit (and you will be responsible for maintaining your version, and for responding to questions or comments on your version).

Some ideas for other versions of the Guidelines include translations into other languages, reformatting into different file formats (e.g., for digital devices or for databases), or using the Guidelines for other purposes (e.g., Flashcards for exam prep). All of these are interesting ideas that the BJCP does not have the resources to pursue. If these are done, we will evaluate your work for inclusion on our web site.