Can I use the BJCP style guidelines on my website, in my app, for my publication, etc.?

Maybe–contact the Communication Director to request permission. We don’t allow the guidelines to be posted on other web sites; we want people to link to our version. If you want to translate or adapt the guidelines to another format, we will likely approve it provided that you respect and preserve our copyright, that you give us the translated or adapted version to post, that you clearly state the version of guidelines used, and that you state that the most current version can be found on the BJCP web site. We do not allow others to profit from our guidelines, so the resulting version must be provided for free if posted electronically or for cost if published. 
We have other rules for allowing excerpts from the guidelines to be used. Our naming and numbering system, the style parameters, and the overall impression section can be used for other purposes, but the full content of the guidelines may not.
If you want to use our style guidelines in an application for brewing management or similar use, the following requirements must be met:
  • The application itself (not a separate readme file) must clearly state that the style guidelines are used with the permission of the BJCP, and are Copyright 2021, Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. An about box or similar menu item can be used, as long as it is clear to the user.
    • Note: the Mead and Cider guidelines should use a copyright date of 2015. The Beer Guidelines were updated in 2021. 
  • There must also be a statement that the most current guidelines can be found on our website,
  • The guidelines used must be the most currently published BJCP style guidelines.

If these requirements are met, the application may be recommended for use by the BJCP.