34A. Commercial Specialty Beer

This style is intended for reproductions or interpretations of specific commercial beers that don’t fit within defined styles. Beers entered here do not need to be exact copies. The beer should be judged as to how well it fits the broader style represented by the example beer, not how well it is an exact copy of a specific commercial product. If a Commercial Specialty Beer fits another defined style, do not enter it here.

Overall Impression

Based on declared beer.

Aroma / Appearance / Flavor / Mouthfeel

Based on declared beer.


Intended as a catch-all location for specific beers that are based on unique commercial examples that don’t fit existing styles. Past versions of the Style Guidelines included a Belgian Specialty Ale style; this style fits that general purpose, as well as allowing non-Belgian entries of similar intent.

Entry Instructions

The entrant must specify the name of the commercial beer, specifications (vital statistics) for the beer, and either a brief sensory description or a list of ingredients used in making the beer. Without this information, judges who are unfamiliar with the beer will have no basis for comparison.

Vital Statistics

OG, FG, IBUs, SRM and ABV will vary depending on the declared beer.

Commercial Examples

Orval, La Chouffe.

Past Revision

Clone Beer (2015)

Style Attributes