21B. Specialty IPA: Rye IPA

Overall Impression

An American IPA with spicy, grainy rye malt. The rye gives a bready and peppery flavor, a creamier body, and a dry, grainy finish.


Color ranging from medium gold to light reddish-amber. Clear. Light haze optional. Medium-sized, white to off-white head with good persistence.


Prominent to intense hop aroma, often with a stone fruit, tropical fruit, citrus, resin, pine, berry, or melon character. Low peppery rye malt aroma, along with a clean, background grainy maltiness. Clean fermentation profile. Light esters optional. Light alcohol aroma optional.


Medium to very high hop flavor, same descriptors as aroma. Low to medium-low clean, supportive malt possibly with light caramel or toast flavors. Low to moderate grainy, peppery, spicy rye flavor that adds to the dry finish. Medium-high to very high bitterness, no harshness. Dry, bitter, hoppy aftertaste. Low esters optional. Background alcohol flavor optional.


Medium-light to medium body. Smooth texture, may be lightly creamy. Medium to medium-high carbonation. No harshness. Low warmth optional.


A modern American craft beer variation of American IPA. Rye malt character should be noticeable, otherwise enter in 21A American IPA.


A modern craft era variation of American IPA, popular among homebrewers.

Characteristic Ingredients

Like an American IPA, with a generous portion of rye malt. Any American or New World hop is acceptable, but the hops and malt should not clash. No caraway. No oak.

Style Comparison

Drier, slightly spicier, and slightly creamier than an American IPA, with more of a lingering bitterness and spiciness in the finish. Does not have the intense rye malt or Weizen yeast character of a Roggenbier.

Vital Statistics


50 - 75


6 - 14


1.056 - 1.075


1.008 - 1.014


5.5% - 8%

Commercial Examples

Founders Reds Rye, Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye.