C2F. Specialty Cider/Perry

This is an open-ended category for cider or perry with other ingredients such that it does not fit any of the categories above. This includes the use of other sweeteners. A cider with added honey may be entered here if the cider character remains dominant; otherwise it should be entered as mead in the cyser sub-category. Examples also include wood-fermented or aged ciders in which the wood/barrel character is a significant part of the overall flavor profile.


Clear to brilliant. Color should be that of a standard cider unless other ingredients are expected to contribute color.

Aroma / Flavor

The cider character must always be present, and must fit with added ingredients. If a spirit barrel was used, the character of the spirit (rum, whiskey, etc.) must be no more than just recognizable; it must not be a substantial element of the flavor.


Average body, may show tannic (astringent) or heavy body as determined by other ingredients.

Entry Instructions

Entrants MUST specify all ingredients. Entrants MUST specify carbonation level (3 levels). Entrants MUST specify sweetness (5 categories).

Vital Statistics


1.045 - 1.100


0.995 - 1.020


5% - 12%

Commercial Examples

US Finn River Fire Barrel (WA).