C2C. Applewine

The term for this category is traditional but possibly misleading: it is simply a cider with substantial added sugar to achieve higher alcohol than a standard cider. As such it comes closer to a white wine than any other style. No fruit other than apples may be used in this style.

Overall Impression

Typically like a dry white wine, balanced, and with low astringency and bitterness.


Clear to brilliant, pale to medium-gold. Cloudiness or hazes are inappropriate.

Aroma / Flavor

Comparable to a New World Cider. Cider character must be distinctive. Very dry to sweet, although often dry.


Lighter than other ciders, because higher alcohol is derived from addition of sugar rather than juice. Carbonation may range from still to champagne-like.

Entry Instructions

Entrants MUST specify carbonation level (3 levels). Entrants MUST specify sweetness (5 levels).

Vital Statistics


1.070 - 1.100


0.995 - 1.020


9% - 12%

Commercial Examples

US Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery Fruit House Apple (MI), McClure’s Sweet Apple Wine (IN).