34B. Mixed-Style Beer

This style is intended for combinations of existing styles (Classic Beers or Specialty-Type) that are not defined elsewhere in the guidelines. If a ‘mixed-style beer’ does fit another style, do not enter it here.

Overall Impression

Based on the declared base styles. As with all Specialty-Type Beers, the resulting combination of beer styles needs to be harmonious and balanced, and be pleasant to drink.

Aroma / Appearance / Flavor / Mouthfeel

Based on the declared base styles.


Intended for Specialty-Type combinations of styles not described elsewhere as Specialty-Type Beers, or as hybrid or fusion beers between other existing styles.

Entry Instructions

The entrant must specify the styles being mixed. The entrant may provide an additional description of the sensory profile of the beer or the vital statistics of the resulting beer.

Style Attributes