Updates to Judge Portal and Exam Workflow

Since the NHC we’ve been hard at work to make some improvements to our services, and are now happy to announce their availability.

  • We have updated the Judge Record application to display your judge certificate and your membership card. Both have been redesigned to use our latest logos and color schemes. Your membership card now also shows when you joined the program, and you can print any judge certificate you have earned, not just your latest rank.
  • We have revised the name badge to use the new color scheme, to display any mead certification earned, and to have alternative attachment options (traditional clip, magnetic bar, plain card, or plain card with a lanyard).
  • We have increased the automation of our exam processing workflow, and now are capturing the PDFs of your original exam and the RTPs produced by the graders. These files are also available on your judge record. We have loaded past RTPs back to 2010 into the system as well. Scanned exams are still being organized and will be uploaded later.
  • We have implemented a new short form RTP for exams that have checkboxes for common problems and a free-format summary section. This should allow graders to complete the grading faster, and make the exams easier to review.
  • Because we now have all these materials available through our self-service portal, we will stop mailing physical copies of RTPs, judge certificates, and membership cards. Pins and color guides will still be mailed. The self-service materials will be available much faster than the physical mailings; as soon as the results are uploaded to the server, email notices will be generated to examinees, and the data will be available.

We are continuing to work on projects to improve the portal experience, to automate workflows, to reduce service times, and to refresh our materials. We are reorganizing and expanding content for our new web site, and hope to launch it later this year.