Website Migration in Progress

The BJCP website migration is currently in progress, as many of you have no doubt noticed. We are posting new content on the new website first (that’s this one), and are migrating our legacy content right now. This is not a simple moving of files; all documents and data are being reviewed and refreshed as they are moved. New content is also being added. For content that has been fully migrated, we have placed links on the current website pointing to the new website.

We understand that it may be a little confusing to see material in two locations, so we ask for your patience during this transition. Once we have completed the move, the new server will be renamed to be; the temporary links to will be updated, so don’t make long-term links to that content.

News stories are being posted to the new site, so please check there for revised content or use this direct link. As readers of our newsletter know, we are starting the 2017 election season so please check that story for all the details. We are also preparing for improvements to the exam calendar, so those registering exams will now be asked for exact dates for exams as well as the location.

Expect more changes to the new website as the migration continues and we optimize our content. The changes we are making should make our content easier to maintain, more consistent and accurate, and better able to support our planned expansions. Thanks again for your patience and support as we complete this large and complex project.