Printed Versions of 2021 Guidelines Now Available to Order

We have updated our online book shop with different spiral-bound copies of the BJCP Style Guidelines. These spiral-bound versions are of good quality and include a thicker stock cover and backing. 

We have made several versions available in both color (more expensive, glossier paper) and black and white (lower cost, standard paper). Available versions include:

  • The Complete 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines – 167 pages that include the 2021 Beer Style Guidelines, 2015 Mead and Cider Style Guidelines, and the Ingredient Reference Guide
  • The 2021 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines – 102 pages that include only the 2021 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines
  • The 2015 BJCP Mead and Cider Style Guidelines – 65 pages and includes the 2015 Mead and Cider Style Guidelines with the Ingredient Reference Guide. Note that we combined the Mead and Cider Guidelines into one printable document to meet page minimums for on-demand orders.

The color elements only include the cover pages with the BJCP logos and the special ingredient reference guide, which is included in the “complete” version and the Mead and Cider version. The paper stock used for the color printing has a glossier finish and is less well-suited to notetaking or highlighting. The paper stock used for the black and white printing is a standard paper that is better for notetaking and highlighting. So, take that information into account when you decide between ordering color and black and white versions.

Contact the Communications Director with questions about ordering printed copies of the guidelines. Members are also allowed to print the guidelines at their vendor of choice so long as the use is for BJCP-sanctioned competitions or for educational/judge training purposes.