Election Announcement & Schedule for 2023 Regional Representatives

2023 Elections

The four regions listed below are holding elections for Regional Representatives in 2023. 

Judges may self-nominate or be nominated by other active judges from their region. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please contact them before nominating to confirm they are willing to serve if elected. You will also need to provide the nominee’s BJCP ID and their email address to complete the form. Both the nominee and the person nominating must be from their respective region and must be active judges.

In order to serve as a Regional Representative, nominees must meet these qualifications: 

  • Reside in the region at the time of the election,
  • Be an active member status in good standing,
  • Ranked National or higher,
  • Receive five endorsements from active judges within their region (also submitted through the nomination form). 

Nominate yourself or someone else using THIS FORM.

Nominations closed at midnight PST on March 15, 2023. Once the election is live, judges in a region with an active election can read candidate statements and access the online voting booth. 

Questions can be sent to the BJCP Election Committee

2023 BJCP Elections Committee

  • Toby Guidy, Chair
  • Mike Dixon
  • Bruce Buerger

2023 BJCP Regions Hosting Elections

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA)
  • Northeast
  • West

2023 Elections Timeline

  • Nominations Open: 3/1
  • Nominations Close: 3/15
  • Candidate Statements Due: 3/31
  • Election Opens: 4/10
  • Election Closes: 4/30


BJCP Regional Elections Cycle

Regional representative elections are conducted in a repeating cycle, in each region, every three years. The election cycle is: 

2023 / 2026

2024 / 2027

(2022 results) / 2025


Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA)






Latin America




Find results of previous years elections in this post.