COVID-19 Update 3

It is encouraging to see vaccinations worldwide, and we look forward to resuming external activities when conditions permit. But since many locations are not able to do so yet, we are not changing the COVID protocols and guidance we put in place over a year ago.

To summarize our current situation, the BJCP continues normal internal operations but we understand that some exams and competitions cannot take place. We continue to be lenient with rescheduling, and also with those who passed the online exam but are not able to take a tasting exam. Just talk to us before the date of planned events if changes need to be made.

We have “hit the pause button” on processing membership expirations due to inactivity. We have not changed our rules, but we have suspended processing while COVID is still active. We will give notice well in advance when we change this posture.

The AHA has again cancelled the National Homebrew Conference, so we will not have in-person BJCP events during that time. We intend to have our annual members meeting electronically again some time this summer.

We will let you know when we make changes to any of these temporary actions. 

Please continue to follow the guidance of your local health authorities. I encourage you to get vaccinated when given the opportunity where you live, as I did this month. Continue to stay safe, and see you again soon.

Gordon Strong, President
Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc.