Competition Directorate Update September 2021

Dave HousemanThe competition directorate will provide statistics for the year-end report, however registrations for competitions have picked up significantly. Perhaps not yet back to pre-COVID levels but there are certainly more registered in 2021 and beyond than in 2020.   However in August we have seen an uptick of competition cancellations and postponements due to COVID. Organizers are advised to only admit vaccinated participants to face-to-face competitions.   We have lost at least one BJCP judge to COVID – stay safe.    

Argentinian competitions are still having difficulty paying for competition registrations because the Argentinian government is not allowing payments to foreign entities. We’d like to thank our BJCP representative in Argentina, Diego Setti, for his help in supporting competitions by finding avenues to complete their registration payments.   

Mike Bury, Assistant Competition Director, and Brian Pylant, BJCP raconteur, organized a competition using the Brazilian competition software package, BAP (Beer Awards Platform). It largely proved to be a success and now provides another alternative for competition organization. Check out this competition software package (

David Houseman                                                 Michael Bury
BJCP Competition Director                              Assistant Competition Director