BJCP Board Meeting Minutes, NHC 2019

Meeting Date: 25 June 2019
Location: National Homebrew Conference, Providence, Rhode Island
Attendance: Gordon Strong (President, Mid-Atlantic Rep), Phil Farrell (VP, South Rep), Sandy Cockerham (Midwest Rep), Travis Hammond (West Rep), Brian Joas (North Rep), Dennis Mitchell (Mountain/Northwest Rep), Eric Cousineau (Asst Northeast Rep, for Diego Setti)
Absent: None
New Business and Discussion of Proposals:
  1. Region Realignment
    1. Gordon Strong presented new data with region numbers after inactive members had been removed. The numbers were now more equal across regions, with the exception of the Northeast region with all international members. Breaking the international members into three groups (Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Middle East-Africa) produced regions with members roughly in the 500-800 range.
    2. A general discussion about the concept of realigning into 10 regions with the three indicated international regions was discussed. Unanimous consent that the concept was acceptable, and should be developed into a proposal including how it will be implemented. Gordon Strong took the action to develop the plan.
  2. Exam Feedback
    1. Brian Joas presented a discussion about improving feedback on scoresheets used in competition and exams by reducing the specific brewing feedback based on speculation about recipes and processes. Feedback based on sensory analysis was encouraged.
    2. The concept was discussed in depth and unanimously agreed to. However, the implementation was considered difficult since it crosses many aspects of the BJCP, including education and training. More socialization with staff is needed, as well as an implementation plan. Gordon Strong took the action to develop a concept paper, with Brian Joas leading implementation planning.
  3. Spamming Organizers
    1. Several representatives reported receiving complaints about competition organizers being spammed with advertisements for using competition management software. The spam was identified as coming from a BJCP member, and not being obtained as a result of private BJCP data.
    2. Some representatives discussed the legal implications of European Union laws and the use of BJCP member data. Eric Cousineau took the action to provide recommendations on how to best limit personal data shared. Gordon Strong took the action to implement the recommendations.
    3. Dennis Mitchell took action to speak to the member from his region, as past attempts to control behavior through the Competition Directorate had failed.
    4. Further actions tabled until results of action assessed.
  4. Dibs Harting award
    1. Sandy Cockerham presented a proposal from members in her region to award Honorary Master to Dibbs Harting for sustained, significant service to the BJCP.
    2. The proposal was generally agreed to; details were requested.
    3. Subsequent to the meeting, the board voted 7-0 to award this honor, which combined with his existing service, amounted to an award of Grand Master I. The board was able to deliver the pins in person during the conference.