BJCP Board Minutes, October 2020

Meeting Date: 31 October 2020
Location: Online meeting
Attendance: Gordon Strong, Phil Farrell, Diego Setti, Andrew Luberto, Brian Joas, Brian Cooper, Sandy Cockerham, Dennis Mitchell, Omer Basha
Absent: Chris Wong
Old Business:
  1. Assistant Representative Guidelines
    1. Dennis Mitchell presented revised Assistant Representative Guidelines. No substantive comments. Motion to adopt was approved 8-0.
  2. Ethical Standards
    1. Gordon Strong presented a draft of Ethical Standards for BJCP Members for discussion, developed in conjunction with Diego Setti and several other members based on experiences implementing BJCP programs in new areas. Board approved concept 9-0, but requested edits for review at a later meeting:
      1. Getting paid needs clarification (Luberto)
      2. Competition organizers may not grant additional awards (Basha)
      3. Administrators can set deadlines for qualification (Farrell)
      4. Charging non-refundable exam fees is not a problem (Farrell)
      5. Cannot have people take the exam for you (Basha)
New Business:
  1. Exam Feedback Discussion
    1. Gordon Strong presented a white paper around improving feedback on beers in exams, competition, and training by eliminating the need to guess at corrective actions. Brian Joas contributed to an earlier version.
    2. Board gave approval to proceed, with a focus on testing knowledge, and whether diagnostic feedback could be tested in some other method.
    3. Preliminary discussions indicated reluctance from exam directorate to make these changes, so more discussion and a refinement of the proposal is needed.
    4. No motion to authorize a change was presented.
  2. Phil Farrell resigned due to time obligations in starting up a brewery.
    1. Sal Mortillaro was proposed as a replacement by Phil Farrell. Motion approved 9-0.
    2. The board thanked Phil for his long and faithful service to the program.
  3. Diego Setti discussed problems with scheduling and coordinating regional exams, and issues with balancing exams in different cities to allow better access.
    1. Follow-up with exam directorate needed
  4. Andrew Luberto requested meetings be held quarterly.
    1. No vote, but general agreement.
  5. General discussion about the need for the web site cutover to be completed.