BJCP Board Meeting Minutes, NHC 2017

Meeting Date:  June 18, 2017

Location:  National Homebrew Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Present (Quorum): Gordon Strong (President, Mid-Atlantic Rep), Phil Farrell (Vice President, South Rep), Brian Joas (North Rep), Sandy Cockerham (Treasurer, Midwest Rep), Ryan Thomas (Mountain/Northwest Rep), Travis Hammond (West Rep)

Absent:  Scott Bickham (Northeast/International)


  1. Scoresheet formats — slider versus checkbox
    1. Brian Joas working on a “slider” scoresheet similar to GABF.
    2. AHA Competition Committee (Sandy) considering a similar approach for NHC.
    3. Consensus was to move ahead with development and test.
    4. Existing checklist sheet needs to be updated to be more useful for training.
  2. General slow down observed in homebrewing hobby
    1. Not as many entries in competitions.
    2. Judging exam slots appear to be meeting demand.
    3. All representatives have observed less load in events.
  3. Grader Deficit
    1. Mandatory Grader Training Program has caused issues with some long-time graders.
    2. New graders have provided positive feedback on the training.
    3. No corrective action advised for Exam Directorate.
  4. Assistant Regional Representatives
    1. Those who have selected assistants report that they are handling ad hoc requests, but probably could do more.
    2. Representatives should select up to three to provide coverage in other areas of each region.
    3. Email lists for representatives and assistants would be helpful.
  5. International Region Discussion
    1. Northeast region is twice the size of the next largest region and is growing rapidly due to higher grown in international members.
    2. Options include redefining existing seven regions to be closer in size, adding additional region(s) for international members, or splitting international members across existing regions.
    3. No consensus was reached. Members present voiced support for different ideas. Concern over making decision in the absence of Northeast rep.
    4. Concerns include effort required to manage the database transition to additional regions, general IT and documentation updates, eligibility of international members for office, communication problems when conducting board business and meetings.
    5. Adding assistant regional representatives and/or country-specific points of contact can assist in supporting the existing region.
  6. Pat Baker Lifetime Service Award
    1. Evaluating physical design.
    2. Need to define eligibility requirements, frequency, and related issues going forward. However, support for an initial award for Pat Baker was unanimous.
    3. Gordon to forward a proposal from Jay Hersh for consideration and approval.
    4. Having a lesser award also makes sense. Also should have criteria. Would be good to be able to reward lengthy service without giving our highest award. Can be initiated inside the board.
  7. BJCP Budget Surplus
    1. Soliciting ideas to benefit the organization.
    2. Coordinating our own space at Homebrew Con. Kris England indicates it may actually save money to book our own venues due to high beer service fees at conference facilities and high overhead costs. Might be harder to coordinate with AHA activities.
  8. BJCP Events at Homebrew Con
    1. Keep consistent BJCP Homebrew Con coordinator (Kris England) involved from year to year. AHA requests continuity.
    2. Select a BJCP member in each host city to serve as the local BJCP homebrew con coordinator.
    3. Evaluate methods to live broadcast meetings for those who cannot attend in person: Board (reps) meeting, staff meeting, member’s meeting.
  9. BJCP Staff Code of Conduct
    1. Several recent complaints have been received about professionalism and lack of customer service attitude amongst BJCP staff.
    2. Travis to draft a Code of Conduct to clarify expectations for BJCP staff for board consideration.
    3. BJCP Board to consider a system to take action on complaints.
  10. Canadian Email “Opt-in” Requirements
    1. Canadian law appears to indicate that people must personally opt-in to our email list rather than automatically being added when they become members.
    2. Evaluate updating BJCP Privacy Policy to address this issue.
    3. Do we need a legal opinion? Brian to look into it.
  11. Grader Training
    1. Should Grader Training Course be available to BJCP Members of all ranks?
    2. Ryan to follow up with Bruce Buerger.
  12. Exam Procedures Document
    1. Update to include recommendation for Exam Administrator to provide a debrief with Examinees and Proctors after exams.
    2. Discuss with Exam Directorate.
  13. Feedback to Competitions and Individual Judges
    1. BJCP Board has received requests to create a mechanism to provide feedback on competitions and individual judges.
    2. Ryan to lead a committee to investigate and make recommendations.
      1. Ryan subsequently forwarded a previous BJCP Grant Proposal to incorporate feedback into the BCOE&M competition software.
    3. Amanda Burkemper expressed interest in participating.







G. Strong

Forward proposal for Pat Baker Lifetime Achievement Award to board for approval.



T. Hammond

Prepare a draft Code of Conduct to clarify expectations for BJCP staff for board consideration.




R. Thomas

Follow up with Bruce Buerger regarding making the Grader Training Program available to all BJCP members.



R. Thomas

Organize a committee to investigate and make recommendations to the board regarding a system to provide feedback to competitions and individual judges.