Exam Director Job Description

Exam Directors (EDs) are responsible for running the BJCP exam program, and are assisted by Associate Exam Directors (ADs) and Assistant Exam Directors (AEDs).

There are several EDs, most of whom oversee individual exams. Some EDs have specialized roles that focus on a subset of the duties for the program. 

  • Managing ED. Responsible for scheduling and planning exams, recruiting and assigning graders, developing policies, coordinating documentation and supporting tools, and consolidating requirements from other EDs.
  • EDs. Responsible for administering, grading, reviewing, and closing individual exams.

The Exam Directorate is free to allocate duties across job functions and positions, and has chosen to organize in this way. All EDs take part in policy discussions, planning, and staffing decisions, and all may participate in exam-related committees and projects as needed.

The following tasks are the shared responsibility of the Exam Directors:

  • Exam scheduling. Approving exams, assigning exam directors, maintaining the exam calendar, overseeing exam logistics.
  • Exam administration. Working with local exam administrators, preparing and distributing exam materials, approving proctors and exam beers, coordinating paperwork.
  • Exam grading. Overseeing the grading process, reviewing finished exams and materials, consolidating data for database input.
  • Exam reporting. Preparing and distributing final paperwork and exam results.
  • Other duties. Handling protests, managing proctor reimbursement requests, responding to exam-related questions, participating in committees and projects, participating in board meetings and discussions.

ADs directly oversee individual exam grading, and handle the communication with graders during the grading process. They perform the detailed review of reports to examinees.

AEDs manage the electronic correspondence and physical mailings to examinees upon exam closeout, and prepare the exam-related data for database import. The AEDs work closely with the IT Director on data management. The AEDs handle most of the questions from examinees, and also maintain the physical inventory of pins and other judge supplies.