What if I judged at a competition and didn’t get points or the points are wrong?

First, make sure the competition organizer has filed a report. Check our online report to see if the report was received and recorded. If not, contact the organizers and ask that they file their report.
If your competition has reported results, make sure that the website has been updated recently with the judge data. Check the judge record page to see when the data was last refreshed. If the competition report was submitted after this date, wait until the next update and check again. The online database is updated approximately monthly. 
If your competition has reported results and the website has been updated, but you still have no points, send an email to the IT director. He will check if you were included on the report, perhaps as a non-BJCP judge or with an incorrect spelling.
If you have points on your record but you think they are wrong, first check the point calculation. Many people make the mistake of assuming you get 1 point per day of judging or a half point for each flight, which are not the rules. See the Competition Point Award Schedule.
If you checked all these things and your points are still wrong, contact the competition organizer. The competition organizer must validate your request and then send an email to the IT director with the revision. This is the same method used to add missing points for a judge who was not reported.