What are the duties and responsibilities of the BJCP Board and Directors?

The Board of Directors

The Regional Representatives/board members are first of all responsible for supporting the membership in their region, providing access to BJCP services and acting on requests from their region for services or information.

Second, the board elects the constitutional officers.

Third, the board confirms all appointments of the appointed directors or any other high-level personnel changes.

Fourth, the board maintains mutual communication on all matters of import to the BJCP, including holding formal votes where necessary.

The Officers

The President is responsible for discovering and pursuing issues of importance to the success of the BJCP, engaging the rest of the board in addressing these issues and pressing final resolution thereof. The president is also responsible for filling in for any other officer if/when necessary. The president also appoints committees, as needed.

The Vice President assumes the presidency in the absence of a President and oversees other tasks as assigned by the Board.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts of the BJCP, preparing financial and tax records/reports and accepting and disbursing funds on behalf of the BJCP.

The Appointed Directors

The great bulk of the work performed in running the BJCP is by the appointed directors and the people working with them. You can see who they all are by checking the Officers page of the website. Each person is listed, along with his or her job description.