How do I log into my BJCP account after passing the online entrance exam?

Congratulations on passing an online entrance exam; you are now a provisional judge.

Provisional judge is a term used to describe someone who has passed one of the BJCP online entrance exams; it is not a BJCP rank. This status is temporary. Those passing an online entrance exam have one year in which to pass a judging exam. 

You will only receive a BJCP ID number and credentials to log into the BJCP Judge Portal after passing the BJCP Tasting Exam. If you judge or steward in competitions before taking a judging exam and having a BJCP ID, you can earn retroactive points once your BJCP ID and account are created. Just be sure that the competition organizer records your BJCP points under your correct name. 

The 4-digit number you receive on your certificate from passing the online entrance exam is NOT your BJCP ID. This is your entrance exam certificate number to certify that you passed the online entrance exam. This number has no other use other than to sign up for a judging exam.