How do I claim retroactive points?

If you are a new judge, wait until you have received notification that you have been assigned a Judge ID AND that the judge record web site has been updated before reviewing your judge record. We scan for retroactive points twice: when your judge record is initially created, and when your exam results are posted. Please do not contact us for retroactive points before these have occurred. 
Experience points are recorded into a judge’s record only after an organizer files a completed Organizer Report. Once the BJCP receives the report, the IT Director records the experience points in the database. 

To review your record at any time simply visit the BJCP Judge Record web application, accessible from the main BJCP web site through the Administration Center. You will need to know your BJCP ID Number and your web password, both of which are supplied in your initial exam results packet. If you feel that you are missing points or that you were not promoted when you should have been, contact the IT Director to review your records.

Judges often contact the BJCP Staff to say that they are missing points. Often it is simply the case that their points have not caught up with their records. Once a competition is over, the organizer must fill out a report that includes all of the experience points to be awarded for that event. We request that this report be filed within three weeks of the competition, but sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Before contacting the IT Director, first verify that an organizer report has been submitted. Check the list of “submitted” and “delinquent” reports on the Database Reports section of the BJCP web site. Note that it takes up to a month for the submitted reports to be processed through our IT systems and make it back to the web record web application. If you believe that a report is submitted but you have not received your points, check back when the records have been updated and see if they are still missing before contacting the IT Director. Note that the web site contains a “Data current as of:” display. This indicates the date the information in the online judge records was last revised.
If the IT director cannot find a record of you on the organizer report, contact the organizer to request that they confirm your participation. The organizer should send an email to the IT director with the Competition ID, your judge ID, the role you performed, and the number of points to be awarded.
Added May 2024:
Another note on retroactive judge point searches: please note that current search functionality relies on exact name matches for both first and last name. Further, the search capability currently does NOT support accents on letters (this will be supported in future when we move to a new platform). So it is critical that when you volunteer at a competition and do not have a BJCP ID yet, make sure to write down the name exactly as you would expect in your future BJCP records, and use the same name consistently in all competitions and avoid using accents. This will ensure that all your retroactive points are found and credited when you get your BJCP ID without having to go through a lengthy process to find missing points!