How can I schedule a written exam?

There are two ways to schedule a Beer Written Exam: the Quarterly Witten Exam and a standalone beer written exam. 

The quarterly written exams are given quarterly on published dates. Check the BJCP exam calendar for upcoming dates. The administrator for the exam must be a current exam grader or have prior permission of the exam directors. If you want to act as an administrator for a quarterly written exam, contact the exam directors. There is no quota for these exams, so they can be given to any number of examinees. The exams must be paid for a month in advance of the exam date, or the exam will be cancelled. This is necessary to schedule the proper number of graders for the exams.

If six or more judges are available to take a written exam in one location, then a standalone written exam may be scheduled. See the scheduling requirements for more details. This is similar to signing up to administer a judging exam. Six examinees is the minimum to hold a standalone written exam and 12 is the cap.