Do you have to retest to stay active as a judge?

Q:  After the Entrance exam and BJCP Beer Judging exam is completed and passed by an individual, are there any requirements to keep certified as a judge? For instance, are you required to retest after so many years, or participate in so many judging to keep your certification or re-certify? Or once you pass the BJCP beer judging exam is no further action needed to maintain and keep the credential.
A: No, we don’t really have any continuing requirements after you pass the exam and become a judge.  If you want to advance in rank, you’ll need to judge and possibly retake the exam, depending on your exam score(s). 
What we do have is different statuses; to remain active, your judging record must show activity (e.g. judging points, continuing education points, updating your address, etc.) within a two-year timeframe. If you don’t, your record will be marked as inactive. That’s not a big deal; we don’t delete anything or require you to retest when you want to return.  Inactive just means that you won’t be on the list of judges given to competitions, you can’t vote or deal with other member-related services, and that we normally won’t contact you. You become active again just by judging; the status change is automatic when points are recorded in our system.
These things are explained in some combination of our bylaws, our member’s guide, and in the judge status code reference.