• 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines

    The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines are now released, and are available in PDF and Word formats. Other formats and translations are currently being created, and will be added to this page once complete. All other references on this page to the guidelines refer to the 2008 edition, which remains available for use.

  • 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines

    Style Guidelines by Category

    Ingredient Reference – Specialty ingredient reference for honey, fruit, spices, and grapes

    Frequently Asked Questions about the BJCP Style Guidelines

    How to report errors or make suggestions about the Style Guidelines

    Want to add a new style? Write it up using this template and send it to us.

  • Downloadable Files

  • Full Guidelines   (PDF) (about 1.4MB)
    The full set of style guidelines, optimized for printing. This version uses a "quick & dirty" formatting so it's only 51 pages when printed. (If necessary, download the free Adobe Reader.)

    Full Guidelines   (PDF) (about 1 MB)
    The same full set of style guidelines, but this version produces a better looking, more readable document and is 73 pages when printed.

    Printed Book In Your Mailbox By popular request, we now have a professionally printed and bound version using the best formatting we could produce, available for purchase. This is a letter size book, wirebound to lay flat, produced by Cafepress and mailed directly to you. You can purchase it at this BJCP store link for $8.30 plus shipping. These books are produced on demand, so expect delivery in two to three weeks. The BJCP makes exactly one penny on each book sold, just as an accounting device.

    You can also get a smaller size edition (paperback book size) at this link for $11.78:

    Wirebound style guide Style guide pb (Showing the relative sizes of the wirebound (letter-size) book on the left, and the paperback size book on the right.

    Many members have told us the convenience of being able to order printed version like this is well worth the price.
  • Other Formats

    • MS Word version (.DOC format, about 800K)
      The complete BJCP Style Guidelines for 2008.

    • MS Word version with Track Changes (about 900K)
      For anyone who really wants to see the fine details of the changes, view this in Word and use the Track Changes function.

    • Compact PDF booklet (PDF, about 700K)
      A reduced-size version of the complete Guide using only 13 sheets of paper. If you have a duplex printer, you're set to go with this. Otherwise, just print it out and run it through a photocopy machine set to convert single-sided pages to double-sided. Staple it in the middle, fold in half, and put it in your pocket.

    • Summary of changes (PDF)
      One page showing the basics of the 2008 changes.

    • Style Numbers (.XLS format)
      An Excel spreadsheet with just the vital statistics for each style.

    • XML version (.zip archive)
      An XML version of the 2008 style guidelines, thanks to Greg LaPolla.

    • Classic Styles (.XLS format) An Excel spreadsheet created by Al Boyce, listing all the classic beers mentioned in the Style Guide. The numbering system is simply the order in which they are mentioned in the style guide, which can be useful when preparing to judge. Within each category, an effort was made to put the best examples first, so a lower number within a category may mean a slightly better example.

      This version also shows the changes from the commercial examples listed in the 2004 edition of the guidelines.

    • Various non-English translations are posted on our International Resources page.

  • Mobile Versions

    • iPhone version (external link)
      A free iPhone application containing the full 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines. Download it free from the Apple App Store (search for "BJCP"). You must have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to use this application. Thanks to Joshua Baran for this application.

    • Android version (external link)
      A free Android application containing the full 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines. Search for "BJCP" in the Android Market and download the "BJCPdroid" app. Thanks to Jason Donmoyer.

    • Blackberry version (external link)
      A free Blackberry application containing the full 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines. Requires a phone running v5.0 or higher. Thanks to Travis Smith.

    • Blackberry Playbook version (external link)
      A free Blackberry Playbook application containing the full 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines. Thanks to Darren Sipika.

    • ePub (Nook, iPad) version
      A free eBook version for the Amazon Nook, Apple iPad, and other eBook readers. Thanks to John Reed.

    • Kindle version
      A free version for the Amazon Kindle. Download the guidelines, do a USB transfer to the Kindle, and put in the documents directory. It uses the free MobiPocket reader e-book format. Thanks to John Alexander.

  • Please note that all these materials represent a great deal of hard work on the part of a great many volunteers. You may not use these materials for any commercial purpose without permission. You are NOT authorized to copy and post these guidelines, in any form, either on the web or in print, without specific permission from the BJCP.  Contact us
    You ARE welcome to create a link to this page:     /stylecenter.php

  • What happened to the old (2004) guidelines? — You can find the web version HERE and the print version HERE.
    What happened to the really old (1999) guidelines? — You can find them HERE.
    What happened to the extraordinarily old (1997-1998) guidelines? — Look at the 1997 and 1998 (full, mini) versions. A separate, more detailed set of Mead guidelines was also available.