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September 2023

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Updates from the Board


Board Nominations

• In July, Dennis sent a notice out to all Regional Reps for Board Nominations with responses due 7-31. Nominations were collected and counted. All nominations suggested the board remain as-is. No further actions needed.

• On 9/1 Dennis resigned as BJCP President to focus on his expanded career and family responsibilities. Sandy Cockerham plans to step up from the VP position to fill the role until elections are held in 2024. 

• On 9/15 a vote was put to the Reps to install Sandy as President and to choose a VP from two candidates who self-nominated, choosing between Fred Mullner and Gail Milburn on the ballot. Gail was voted in as VP by a count of 8-2. Brian Cooper remains as Treasurer.


Recent Board Actions and Officer Changes

• The Board approved the creation of the Style Directorate with Gordon™ Strong as the first Style Director. 

• John Lawless announced his intention to step down from the Comms team late June. Andrew (Comms Director) nominated to add Johann Renner to the team. Board Approved Johann Renner as Asst Director of Communications — PASS 8-0. Welcome Johann!

• Approved Nathan Keffer as LATAM region assistant rep — PASS 10-0. Welcome Nathan!

• Approved Ken Bazley as EMEA assistant rep — PASS 8-0. Welcome Ken!

• John Tull announced he is stepping down from West Region Asst Rep.


A Word From the Outgoing President

BJCP President since 2021, Dennis Mitchell recently resigned his position to focus on expanded career and family responsibilities. The BJCP extends its gratitude for his leadership and guidance these past years.

Read his letter here


Meet the New BJCP President in this months Board Spotlight

For this issue we interviewed the new BJCP President, former VP, Grand Master IX Beer Judge, Cider Judge, and Mead Judge, and  Midwest Region Rep Sandy Cockerham. 

Read more…

Rank Advancements March-May 2023

Rank Advancements

Each BJCP Bulletin recognizes judges who have advanced to National or Master rank since the last publication. This installment recognizes advancements from roughly June to August 2023. Congratulations to: 


Jay Hersh - GM II
Mike Lentz - GM IV


Ryan Dacey - Wallingford, CT


Thomas Timkanic - Walnut Creek, CA
Keith Reding - Valley Park, MO
Chris Kesler - Jericho, VT
Rob Friesel – Essex Junction, VT


New IT System in Development!

In May of this year, the Board approved funding for the BJCP IT team to develop a new database. (And we know everyone who read that just said… FINALLY!)

Read more from IT here…


Regional Representative Updates

September, 2023   

Updates from your elected Regional Representatives. Stay informed and find out what's happening in your region!  

Lots of updates this issue! Read more…

45th Annual HomebrewCon – June 22-24, 2023

Rank Pins!

Rank Pin Mailings Resuming!

Our many thanks to BJCP member and now Pin Mailing Volunteer, Mike Habrat!

Those who are newer judges needing a pin, or judges who've recently achieved a promotion (but never received a rank pin) may fill the request form.

Name Badges!

If you ordered a name badge in the past few months (May/June/July) the bulk order has been submitted and proofed with the vendor. Production  began and notifications will be provided when it's been shipped.

For anyone who needs a badge, learn more and place your order here

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