BJCP seeks applicants for volunteer Communications Director

The BJCP is seeking applications for the volunteer role of Communications Director. If interested, please read below and contact BJCP President Dennis Mitchell with details about how your knowledge and experiences are a good fit for this role.

BJCP Communications Director 

The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) seeks a member for the volunteer role of Communications Director. The Communications Director oversees the work of the Communications Directorate, which is responsible for the communications with BJCP members, including content and organization of the BJCP Website, producing a quarterly newsletter, administration and maintenance of the BJCP Forums, maintaining a presence on social media, responding to and/or routing general inquiries about the BJCP, and electronically posting public messages of interest regarding the BJCP. The Communication Directorate is also responsible for managing requests for licensing or use of BJCP intellectual property and overseeing annual representative and board elections. The average time commitment of this volunteer role varies, but is generally between 1-5 hours per week. 

The Communication Director leads the Communication Directorate, and is responsible for the following duties:

  • Posting public communications from the BJCP in multiple locations such as the BJCP website, social media, Slack, etc.
  • Maintaining and updating content on the BJCP website and coordinating with BJCP officers and directorates to ensure content is current
  • Managing the BJCP social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other services
  • Responding the general questions about the BJCP from the public, members, and the press, and routing inquiries to the appropriate officer or director
  • Handling requests for licensing or use of BJCP intellectual property, such as logos, style guidelines, and other materials
  • Handling username and password requests for the member portal (until the new database is created with a member self-service process to reset passwords) 
  • Managing ad hoc organizational efforts such as the BJCP Merchandise Store, member badge ordering, etc. 

The Communication Director is assisted by Assistant Communication Directors responsible for:

  • The BJCP Newsletter
  • Editing and production of the the BJCP Annual Report
  • Selection, configuration, and operation of a commercial bulk mailing service to provide better communications with members
  • Overseeing content collection from freelance writers and members for publication in the newsletter or other BJCP outlets
  • Work ad hoc projects to improve communications
  • Maintaining and updating content on the BJCP website
  • Managing tasks listed above as delegated by the Communications Director

Desired qualifications

  • Professional communications experience such as organizational communications, marketing, social media management, etc. 
  • Experience managing moderately complex websites, preferably in WordPress (i.e., more than just posting to a simple blog a few times a year)
  • National or higher rank with significant knowledge of the BJCP, its operations, and its processes (Judges below National rank will be considered, but they must demonstrate they possess enough knowledge of the BJCP and its functions to effectively do the job, paired with other desired qualifications)
  • Experience maintaining a social media presence for an organization
  • Experience responding to media requests
  • Experience with web design best practices
  • Experience writing and editing professional communications
  • Experience with project management 

Interested BJCP members should contact BJCP President (and current Communications Director) Dennis Mitchell ( to indicate their interest and provide details about how their knowledge and experiences are a good fit for this role.