I’m having trouble logging into to the online exam site.

Q: I am a Mead judge in the BJCP attempting to sign in to take the online entrance exam for beer judging.  My user ID and password work for access to the website, I am able to see data there, but when I attempt to sign into the checkout portion of the exam page it tells me the user ID and password are invalid.  Do I need to set a different user ID and password to take the beer judge exam?
A: If you haven’t taken an online exam before, you need to register for an ID and password on their system.  It’s external to the BJCP systems.  That will let you login there and take the online exam.  Basically, we know who you are, but they don’t.  Use the same name on their system as you used on ours and we should be able to match up the data once you pass.  You’ll still need to provide both your BJCP ID and the Certificate ID to the exam administrator when you take your exam.  The BJCP ID will prevent us from creating a second record for you, and the Certificate ID is proof that you are eligible to sit for the tasting exam.