I’m a Recognized judge. How do I advance to Certified?

You have several alternatives, depending on your current exam scores. You can take the Beer Written Exam if you have a tasting/judging score (old or new exam) of 80% or higher, and at least 10 judging experience points. Otherwise, you have to take the Beer Judging Exam. If you score at least 70% on the Beer Judging Exam (and have the necessary experience points), you will be promoted to Certified – just as with new judges entering the program. One caveat: you must have passed the essay portion of the beer legacy exam. If you have not already passed the essay portion of the beer legacy exam, you will also have to pass the Beer Entrance Exam before you can be promoted. Finally, if you take either the beer written or beer judging (tasting) exams and score higher than the section scores on your old exam, your overall score may improve because it will be weighted again at 50/50 from the old 70/30.