How come I don’t see minutes of the board meetings?

We don’t have meetings in the usual sense. Due to our geographic dispersion, some of us have never physically met. But we are all online and we have phones so we communicate electronically, almost exclusively.

There is a mailing list for the extended board, i.e., the voting (elected) directors and the appointed directors, where topics are generally discussed. This can take place over many days and participation varies. Some items are not reportable, e.g., personnel matters (the elected reps have a private mailing list for those). Some are simply not of general interest (Hey, I need a scanned copy of your signature for the RTP form). Some are tentative and don’t reach specific conclusions. However, major actions, such as the appointment of a new director, are generally reported on the website.

Matters rise to the level of requiring a formal vote of the board. You can find the record of significant votes taken here.