• What is it?

    7th Annual BJCP Judge Reception. Registration is now open.

    Key Details

    When? June 26, 2013. 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
    Where? Marriott Downtown (conference hotel) 1201 Market Street Philadelphia
    How Much? $6 for BJCP members, $15 for non-BJCP guests
    By When? Registration closes June 22, 2013
    How Many? Registration limited to 200 total attendees, including a maximum of 50 guests.
    How? Register on the BJCP web site using our CEP Events Registration application.


    The BJCP reception is our annual gathering of judges at NHC. Part thank-you for turning out to judge and part educational seminar, these events have been very popular in past years. No lunch will be served! (You don't want to know what the hotel wanted to charge for lunch...) We suggest picking up lunch at the neighboring Redding Terminal Market and bringing it to the reception room at the hotel. Three educational seminars will form the program.

    Seminar 1: Judging philosophy

    With judges gathering from all over the country to judge some of the best homebrewed beers in the country proper judging is key. With all these judges, there are going to be regional differences in how each approaches this task. This presentation is to harmonize those different philosophies into one. We will have an experienced judge talk about the proper philosophy to judging. The talk will show how a holistic approach is key to giving good feedback. Also on how working with your partner judge helps give you give better feedback.

    Seminar 2: Pilsners

    Pilsners are light, bitter, clean lagers often with pronounced hop bitterness and aroma. However, characteristics such as malt complexity, hop bitterness, hop aroma and the balance between malt and hops vary among of German, Bohemian, and Classic American pilsners and these difference can be subtle. In this seminar, we will pour classic examples of each pilsner style while discussing the hallmarks of each style and the similarities and differences between and among the styles. Tasting all three pilsners side by side will allow judges to ascertain the nuances of each style. In addition, similarities to other styles such as Munich Helles and Dortmunder Export also will be discussed.

    Seminar 3: How to judge mead

    Judging mead is different than judging beer and less experienced judges are often intimidated by the prospect of judging meads in a competition. This seminar will take away some of the mystery of judging meads. The seminar will start with an overview of how to judge mead, how is honey expressed in meads, both in aroma and flavor and how does it vary among different styles, what is "balance" and how does it influence the finished mead. We will also cover the typical flaws found in meads and how they can be remedied.

    Inexperienced and experienced judges often learn by seeing and listening to experienced judges as they judge. To that end we will have a panel of three mead judges that will judge four different mead styles: traditional mead, melomel, metheglin and braggot. The judge table will be mic'd and the panel will be encouraged to comment while judging the mead and offering constructive criticism for improvement. Attendees also will be tasting the mead along with the judges so they will be able to connect what they taste with what the judges are tasting. The goals of this seminar are not only to give less experienced judges the tools they need to judge mead, but also to increase interest in the mead exam.

    Fine Print

    All attendees must be over 21.

    CEP points will be awarded to all BJCP judges.