• What is it?

    8th Annual BJCP Judge Reception. Registration is now closed.

    Key Details

    When? June 11, 2014. 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
    Where? Venue Change: Governor's Room
    Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
    How Much? $10 for BJCP members, $25 for non-BJCP guests
    By When? Registration closes June 5, 2014
    How Many? Registration limited to 160 total attendees, including a maximum of 40 guests.
    How? Register on the BJCP web site using our CEP Events Registration application.


    The BJCP reception is our annual gathering of judges at NHC. Part thank-you for turning out to judge and part educational seminar, these events have been very popular in past years. This year we will have food at the reception, unlike last year (no shake-down food rates this year!). An Asian-themed buffet is planned. As usual, three educational seminars will form the program.

    Seminar 1: Kentucky Common

    A new style being added to the 2014 BJCP Style Guidelines in the Historical category is Kentucky Common, a style popular around the turn-of-the-century and mentioned in Wahl & Henius. National judge Dibbs Harting did the research on the style, including perusing volumes of original brew logs, and will be presenting his findings, along with a recreation brewed by Certified judge Leah Dienes at the Apocalpyse Brew Works in Louisville. Be prepared: some conventional wisdom will be debunked.

    Seminar 2: Judging Ethics and Social Media

    The popularity of social media has created some additional problems for judging. What are reasonable guidelines to follow? How should judges act when using social media? Master judge Don Blake reviews basic judging ethics and leads a discussion on the topic, which was developed in conjunction with event organizer Sandy Cockerham and Communication Director Mike Dixon.

    Seminar 3: Traits and Styles of Standard Cider and Perry

    Cider expert Gary Awdey, a contributor to the BJCP Cider Guidelines and long-time friend of the organization, gives an updated version of his famous cider sensory training. Gary will be providing examples of the standard cider and perry styles, and discussing the styles and how to best recognize them and evaluate their merits and potential faults. A not-to-be-missed event for anyone who ever intends to judge (or simply understand and enjoy) cider and perry.

    Fine Print

    All attendees must be over 21.

    CEP points will be awarded to all current BJCP judges.