This page is a place for graders to share tools they have developed. Not all graders grade in the same way, so these may or may not fit your grading style. If any other graders have tools they wish to share, send them to the Webmaster and we'll get them posted. All the official grading tools and materials are found on the Grader Resources section of the Exam Center page.

  • Exam Grading Criteria Spreadsheet

    Al Boyce created a spreadsheet to help him identify the points in each question. You can modify it to correspond to the way you want to allocate points, but many of us feel this is really useful just as it is. Al is making it available to anyone who grades exams, so feel free to download it. Note that this version was set up for an exam given in Juneau, so that's why you see that wording.

    Exam Grading Criteria Spreadsheet



  • Proctor Comparison Worksheet

    Using some more of his copious spare time, Al Boyce also created a Word template to help him compare proctor impressions when grading the tasting exam. The idea is to capture the key perceptions from each proctor to give a good reference document for grading.

    Proctor Comparison Worksheet